Niav Conty’s films span darkly humorous investigations of the transgressive and taboo, intimate and troubling coming-of-age portraits, acutely contemporary sci-fi, and cutting-edge Machinima. She is an active freelance director, cinematographer, screenwriter, and editor in New York City.

Niav attended Skidmore College on a full scholarship for music performance, lived in China as a student of classical painting and calligraphy, and worked as an actor in New York. She moved to France to begin making films, where she studied with Boris Lehman and Pedro Costa, and worked closely for many years with Oscar-winning maverick director Joseph Strick (1923-2010).
She returned to New York in 2010 to study with avant-garde filmmaker Chantal Akerman (1950-2015) and complete her M.F.A. at City College.

She is a recipient of the Kodak Award for cinematography, and the 2013 Princess Grace Award. Her 2014 short Outworld won the NBR award for best short, the Cityvisions best short, editing, and production design, as well as Best Machinima at the New Media Film Festival in L.A. Her 2016 short Joy Ride won best director at the Reno Tahoe film festival. She is currently in post production on Small Time, her feature shot in Bradford County Pennsylvania.